I’m Matthew Bloch, and this is my web site. Right now I’m

  • husband to Alice,
  • a resident of York,
  • co-founder / managing director of Bytemark Hosting (a growing British hosting company with a reputation for being both careful and cheap),
  • designer / herder of BigV (a super new hosting product),
  • trying to stay focussed on all the above.

I also take photographs, play (and talk about) video games and go walkies with Charlie the Jack Russell.

Previously I:

  • went to King’s College, Cambridge and studied both Classics and Computer Science less studiously than I should have;
  • did a lot of grungy coding & manual-writing for PC Pro 3 so that owners of Acorn computers could play PC games of the mid-90s;
  • grew up in Oxford and went to the Dragon and St. Edward’s schools.

Technical things that I am confident at doing, in decreasing order of competence:

  • design and implement computer programs;
  • write persuasive English;
  • home improvement, with drills and pots of paint;
  • speak French;
  • form legal opinions.