Matthew Bloch

Hello! 👋

I’m a creative software and operations engineer based in York, UK. I like lifting 🏋️.

You can hire me if you need someone to solve your software or internet infrastructure problems! I co-founded Bytemark in 2002, a friendly internet hosting company, and was its Managing Director for much of my career.

Now I’m a trustee of One Tenth Human, an award-winning theatre company that creates brain-stretching adventures with artists, children and scientists.

I also co-own York Holiday with my wife - we run 3 holiday homes in our home city of York.

I publish some tools that make my life easier; you can use them too!

Personal history

I grew up in Headington, Oxford 🦈, went to the Dragon, St. Edward’s and then studied Classics & Computer Science at King’s College in Cambridge 1998-2001.

I believe that knowing engineering of any sort means you can do more in the world, and I love to help people who want to achieve that goal.

Photo biography