Matthew Bloch

Hello! 👋

I’m Matthew, a 39-year old programmer and business enthusiast who lives in York, UK.

I grew up in Headington, Oxford 🦈, and studied Classics & Computer Science at King’s College in Cambridge 1998-2001.

My work

For 16 years I was Managing Director of Bytemark, the UK’s cloud hosting company - I sold my interest and left at the end of 2018.

Peter and I built the company around engineering ideals - we made our own data centre, software stack and anonymous hiring process. Since 2002 we helped thousands of people put their sites and software into the cloud. Our progressive workplace was a big part of many people’s careers.

I'm available for contract work starting in 2019 - so if you need to build a software engineering team, plan a software project or otherwise improve your software business, please drop me an email!


Some things I did

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