Matthew Bloch

Hello! 👋

I’m Matthew, a 38-year old programmer and business person who lives in York, UK.

I grew up in Headington, Oxford 🦈, and studied Classics & Computer Science (badly) at King’s College in Cambridge 1998-2001.

My work

I’m Managing Director of Bytemark, which is the UK’s cloud hosting company with its own data centre in York. My old friend Peter Taphouse is its co-founder. I’ve spent my career learning management & leadership in a business that grew from engineering ideals. We sold the company to iomart in August 2018 and I’m working there well into 2019.

I’m a director with One Tenth Human, a theatre company producing science-inspired arts events.

I helped organise the 5th DotYork, York’s premier technology conference and a reliably interesting day out.

Some things I did

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