Matthew Bloch

Hello! 👋

I’m a 42-year old programmer who co-founded, built and sold a hosting company with its own data centre.

I write and edit programming language curriculums for Skiller Whale 🐳, a startup providing hands-on coaching to small groups of programmers.

If you have internet infrastructure or horrible programming problems, I love troubleshooting 🎯 and you can hire me to help!

Here are some online tools I’ve written:

I’m a trustee of One Tenth Human, an award-winning theatre company, creating brain-stretching adventures with extraordinary artists, kids and scientists.

And I co-own York Holiday with my wife - we run 3 comfortable holiday homes in our home city of York.

In the past

From 2002-2018 I co-founded (along with Peter Taphouse) and was Managing Director of Bytemark a friendly UK hosting company which was well-known in the world of open source & free software.

I grew up in Headington, Oxford 🦈, and studied Classics & Computer Science at King’s College in Cambridge 1998-2001.

Professional hilights

Photo biography