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Hello! I’m available for hire. Maybe your problems sounds like ones I’ve solved?

I am the co-founder and former MD (CEO) of Bytemark, so I’ve designed and programmed large-scale, consumer-facing internet hosting products.

Bytemark’s customers were folks with apps hitting the big-time; they came to Bytemark because their apps were struggling. I turned around a lot of bespoke solutions and small-scale platforms to help them.

This culminated in the design of BigV (PDF link), an automated cloud hosting product with its own control panel and API. I coded the initial versions of its cluster, network and storage automation, and I saw it through from launch to hosting thousands of customers.

As Managing Director, I noticed that software problems are team problems. So in 2015 I started the initiative that meant Bytemark would hire by anonymous interview. This expanded the company’s hiring pipeline at a competitive time, and was a key plank in eliminating Bytemark’s gender pay gap by 2017.

So I’m particularly good at:

Open source

I wrote the first versions of all of these projects which were key systems at Bytemark:

Other achievements

Technical skills

I started my career in 1997 writing a PC emulator for ARM-based computers, and I’ve remained a systems programmer at heart. I’m never happier than when solving intractable problems with distributed or embedded systems.

For keyword-scrapers, these are my current specialisms:

Availability and rates

I work remotely from York, UK, but I’m happy to travel where that’s necessary. I’m available for 30hrs/week from October 2023 (unless I’ve forgotten to update this web site).

Feel free to contact me on