Matthew Bloch

Would your business suffer if it had a hosting outage or data loss?

Is a senior employee leaving, and you need a temporary CTO to help navigate the transition?

Or are you suffering right now, and you need in-depth technical & business advice from an expert?

Let me help!

I’ve personally helped hundreds of individuals and businesses overhaul their hosting, as co-founder and former MD of British technology company Bytemark. I sold the company in 2018 after 16 years, with a turnover of £3.3m and more than 2400 customers.

Bytemark built its own hosting products, support team and data centre from the ground up. I led the way on many of its projects with both software prototypes and recruitment plans for whole teams.

So I understand agencies and small technology companies who are punching above their weight.

I can build cheap hosting in short order, or work on whole platforms for companies with larger ambitions - I avoid both the expense and complexity of popular cloud platforms.

All my advice is backed by 16 years experience of founding, running and managing a bootstrapped technology company that has had a global impact.

Past projects

I wrote the first lines of code for all of these projects at Bytemark, though most were taken over by the team:

Technical skills

These are my current specialisms:

Availability and rates

I work remotely from York, UK, but I’m happy to travel where that’s necessary. I’m available for longer contracts from May 2022.

My day rate is £1280. But I’m friendly and will offer a lot of early advice without charge.

Feel free to contact me on - please put EMERGENCY in the subject line if you need a fast reply.